President Morning Joe?

Morning Joe Host Joe Scarborough is seriously considering giving up his TV show in order to run for the Republican presidential nomination.

According to a report in The Daily Caller on Monday, Morning Joe Host Joe Scarborough is seriously considering giving up his TV show in order to run for the Republican presidential nomination.

It’s widely believed at MSNBC — including among network brass — that Scarborough is actively mulling a presidential bid, sources said.

Meanwhile, some of Scarborough’s guests are beginning to talk him up as a possible candidate. Mark McKinnon — the former adviser to George W. Bush and John McCain who co-founded the group No Labels and appears on Morning Joe regularly — said he has talked about the prospect of a White House campaign with Scarborough “ever since we first met years ago, but always in the abstract.”

The thinking behind a Scarborough candidacy is that there is no clear GOP front runner. The Morning Joe host will be seen as a Washington outsider, and his TV experience would help during debates. His book, “The Right Path: From Ike to Reagan, How Republicans Once Mastered Politics–and Can Again," lays out his vision of a blueprint for the GOP.

Hurting Scarborough are his attacks on the conservative wing of the party, which would make it very hard for him to unite both sides of the GOP behind his candidacy.