Prager U: Socialism Makes People Selfish

Another great video from Prager University demonstrates in stark, philosophical detail why socialism makes people selfish. 

A common assertion by leftists is that capitalism makes people selfish and socialism more altruistic, but Dennis Prager states none of that is true, because socialism creates people that feel entitled, not people that work hard to better themselves:

Throughout American history and, for that matter, all of Western history, the great goal of young people was to become a mature adult – beginning with being independent of Mom and Dad. Socialism and the welfare state destroy this aspiration.

In various European countries and now increasingly in the US, it is becoming common for young people to live with their parents well into their 30s and not infrequently beyond. And why not? In the welfare state, taking care of yourself is no longer a virtue.

Why? Because the government will take care of you.

Therefore: Socialism enables -- and as a result produces -- people whose preoccupations become more and more self-centered:

What does capitalism do to individuals? According to Prager, the system of capitalism asks people to work hard and better themselves, because there will be consequences if they don't.

But the truth is that capitalism and the free market produce much less selfish people. Teaching people to work hard and take care of themselves (and others) – and that they should earn what they receive, produces less selfish, not more selfish, people.

Capitalism teaches people to work more; socialism teaches people to demand more. Which attitude do you think will make a better society?

A common example cited by Prager and the fall of American character is when Barack Obama announced to a crowd of college students they could stay on their parents' healthcare until age 26, and the students cheered ecstatically.