Poll: Sanders Catching Up to Hillary Clinton

The latest poll regarding the Democrat nomination for president shows Bernie Sanders (D-VT) closing in on Hillary Clinton's lead.

The Monmouth University poll shows Clinton with 52 percent support from Democratic primary voters nationwide and Sanders with 37 percent. Sanders climbed 11 percentage points in the Monmouth poll, his highest support yet.

Hillary previously had a 35 percent lead.

Sanders support comes from liberals and people under 50 years of age.

ABC News writes, "He trails Clinton by huge margins among blacks and Latinos: Clinton has a 71-21 percent advantage in that group. They are tied at 43 percent among whites."

Sanders and Clinton are virtually tied in Iowa and he has a slight lead over Clinton in New Hampshire.

The poll also shows that a "slim majority" believe that Sanders has an equal or better chance of defeating the GOP candidate in the general election.