Poll: Majority of Americans Turned Off By Media's Negative Trump Coverage

The newsflash media keep missing.

Be it out of ignorance, or sheer arrogance, mainstream media continue to ignore the fact that they've lost the trust of the American people. A new IBD/TIPP poll reveals that 55% of the public have grown "weary from the media's persistently negative coverage of President Trump."

Approximately the same amount -- 54% -- believe the media have "assumed the role of the opposition party, constantly opposing the president and his policies at every turn." IBD reports: 

Not surprisingly, Republicans overwhelmingly hold these views (88% say they're tired of the relentless negativity), but the media's attacks are also turning off independents (55% of whom say they're weary of the negative coverage) and moderates (54% of whom are weary). Most also believe that the press has assumed the role of the opposition party.

The poll, conducted from Feb. 24 through March 4, included 909 responses who were surveyed using live interviewers on cellphone and landlines. It has a margin of error of +/‐ 3.3 percentage points.

The results are understandable, given the unusually hostile relationship the press has with Trump.

A study by the nonpartisan group Media Tenor found that only 3% of network news stories in the first month of the Trump administration could be described as positive. Of the rest, 43% were deemed negative, and 54% neutral. That's a stark contrast to the overwhelmingly positive coverage of the early Obama administration, despite the fact that Obama had his own share of early stumbles.

[...] Despite Trump's low approval numbers, the public backs most of his policies.

The poll found that 57% back Trump's plan to hire 10,000 more immigration agents; 58% support the deportation of illegal immigrants charged with a crime, even if they haven't been convicted; 53% back Trump's call to withhold federal aid to "sanctuary cities."

On Trump's Supreme Court pick, far more think Congress should approve Neil Gorsuch to fill Justice Scalia's seat (48%) than say he should be defeated (31%).

Last month's survey found that a majority backed of Trump's temporary halt on refugees coming into the U.S. suspension of refugees. It also found high levels of confidence that Trump would fulfill his campaign promises to bring manufacturing jobs back, simplifying the tax code, and building a wall and securing the border.

Meanwhile, 42% say Trump is providing strong leadership for the country, which is higher than the 40% Obama got last October.

Another finding reveals that 41% say Islamic terror groups like ISIS and al Qaeda pose our biggest national security threat while only 27% believe Russia poses a threat to national interests. 

No matter how hard the media try to spin the narrative and shape the nation's perceptions of Trump and the world around us, they consistently fail. Let's hope they keep up the bad work.