Poll: Fox News America's Most Trusted TV News Source (MSNBC Dead Last)

17% of liberals trust the satirical faux news program, "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart."

As part of it's "What Americans Want From Immigration Reform In 2014" survey, the Public Religion Research Institute asked people which TV news source they trusted most. Fox News was first with 25%, while MSNBC was dead last at 5%. Even amongst liberals MSNBC couldn't rise above next to last (over Fox), an indication their progressive strategy is not resonating with TV news viewers.

Once the most powerful, CNN is not most trusted by any category of viewers.

While one would expect Fox to be the most trusted news source of Republicans ad least rusted among Democrats, the trust of FNC by political independents an indication of the breadth of the network's support. Political moderates do not duplicate that wide support, but keep in mind since that category is self-selected it's not as reliable as political party affiliation. 

Perhaps most surprising is the large number of liberals (17%) who trust the satirical faux news program, "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," indicating that they cannot discern real news from satire.