Poll: Almost Half of Democrats Favor Keystone Pipeline Extension

The pipeline is favored by 61% of Americans, including 49% of Democrats

While President Obama deliberates over whether to allow the completion of the Keystone Pipeline by permitting the construction of the Keystone XL, public opinion remains firmly in support of the idea, with virtually half of Democrats in favor of the pipeline. According to a new poll, construction of the pipeline, heavily opposed by key Obama supporters and environmental activists, has more than double digit margins of favorability across party lines:

Currently, 61% favor building the pipeline while 27% are opposed. These views have changed little over the past year.

As previous surveys on the pipeline proposal have found, there is far more support for constructing the pipeline among Republicans (84% favor) and independents (61%) than among Democrats. About half of Democrats (49%) favor building the pipeline while 38% are opposed.

Green energy investor Tom Steyer recently announced plans to spend $100 million toward promoting a climate change agenda, which includes opposition to Keystone, for the 2014 campaign cycle. But his opposition doesn't appear to have captured mainstream appeal.