Politico: Obama’s 2014 Agenda—Pander, Demagogue

White House strategy to divde and conquer on unreasonable goals is explained

Politico outlined Obama’s battle plan to preserve at least one Democrat majority in a governing body Wednesday, and in doing so may have been more truthful than it intended.

The article, “Obama’s plan to save the Senate” lays out the White House’s strategy to avoid Republican control of both chambers of Congress, resulting in “full lame-duck status as the GOP works to block what’s left of his agenda.”

But in a discussion of the issues the White House will likely promote in the upcoming State of the Union address was a surprising bit of transparency:

The election-year agenda under discussion is a mix of initiatives designed to energize the Democratic base of women, students and blue-collar workers, and to attract independent voters. The aim is to highlight differences with the GOP and provide fodder for Democrats along the campaign trail — even though those measures stand little chance of winning approval in Congress.

So the American people have been warned: the issues you’ll hear discussed are meant to distract and manipulate you into voting for an agenda that won’t actually be realized. Of course, given the contrast between the promises made during the 2008 Presidential campaign and the subsequent reality, this wouldn’t be the first time such efforts had been made.