Politico: Left 'Took Over' Democratic Party

7 of 10 engaged Democrats now "consistently liberal"

While a favorite political narrative of the mainstream media is about the role the tea party is playing in the alleged marginalization of the Republican party, a new Politico Magazine piece suggests that the Democrats are about to be overcome by a wave of ideological purity.

The article, by former Clinton White House political director Doug Sosnik, notes the proverbial market share of "consistently liberal" voters has doubled in the last 20 years among registered Democrats, with seven out of ten politically engaged Democrats falling into the category.

This dynamic may lead to a more vocally and strident pool of liberal candidates in 2016, should Hillary Clinton decline to run for President.

In addition to income inequality, Sosnik predicts that the increasingly progressive Democratic base will force the next nominee for President to champion some of the causes that Republican opposition has left President Obama unable to adequately address:

It’s difficult, in this environment, to imagine a viable Democratic presidential candidate who isn’t willing to take clear positions on issues like increasing the minimum wage, securing comprehensive immigration reform, supporting women’s health and their reproductive rights, addressing climate change and eliminating or at least curtailing fracking.