Politico: Clintons Withholding Thousands of Documents

The Clintons "might not want to stir up some new scandal, some new embarrassments, some new questions"

During Wednesday's Morning Joe program Politico's Mike Allen reported that 8,000 of 33,000 documents, which by law were supposed to be released by the Clinton Library in January of last year, are being withheld from the public.

The report was part of the daily Politico segment on Morning Joe.  Willie Geist led off the questioning:

OK this is fascinating we are talking about the Clinton Library here.  There are thousands of document’s still sealed tight at the Clinton Library down in Little Rock more than a year after they should have been released, 12 years after the President leaves office that’s January 2013 in President Clinton’s case.  That deadline came and went, and we still haven't seen a lot of these documents. How come we haven’t seen these documents? How come they haven’t been released? What does Hillary Clinton, perhaps, have to fear in this case?


Willie, these documents include advice that the President asked for, communications between the Presidents and the then First Lady. And this poses some really tough choices, both for President Obama, because these are federal documents has some control over the release, and the Clintons who might not want to stir up some new scandal, some new embarrassments, some new questions.  But if they choose to keep blocking them, there will be questions about whether they're too secretive. 

Now Willie we’re going to get a peak at a lot of these. There's about 33,000 of these documents that should have become available 12 years after Presidents Clinton left office, so back in January 2013. Politico's Josh Gerstein learned yesterday that 25,000 of these documents have been cleared by the White House for release. They didn't say when, but sooner or later we're going to see a bunch of these documents. But there's another 8,000 of some of the President's most sensitive communications that are still being blocked and that both this President and the Clintons are going to have to make some tough calls about.

Host Joe Scarborough jumped in to ask if the release of the documents was required by law, why were some of them being withheld?  Allen couldn't answer and said the original report in Politico didn't have the answer either.