Politico CEO: 'Republicans Suck Slightly Less Than Democrats'

"This is very bad for Democrats."

In an appearance on Morning Joe Wednesday, Politico CEO Jim VandeHei offered a concise, albeit it somewhat reductive appraisal of the political landscape in a discussion about GOP candidate David Jolly's win in Florida's 13th Congressional District.

As host Joe Scarborough laid out the advantages Jolly's opponent, Democrat Alex Sink had in terms of name ID, financial backing, and experience as a candidate, VendeHei was asked how someone as little regarded as Jolly could have won:

Paul Begala said you can't spin it, this is bad news for Democrats. (David Jolly's) a lobbyist, he's recently divorced, running around in pinstriped suits with his 26-year-old girl friend and he won a tough district. This is very bad for Democrats. And for Republicans, if you think about it, what's happening in politics right now is Republicans suck slightly less than Democrats. That's where they're getting an advantage.

Despite being outspent by his opponent, Jolly defeated Democrat Alex Sink in Tuesday's special election for the 13th Congressional District, with Jolly taking 48.5% of the vote, Sink earning 46.7%, and Libertarian candidate Lucas Overby taking 4.8%. Many analysts see the results as a bellwether for impact of Obamacare on the upcoming election cycle.