Politico Cartoon Lampoons Hillary's Unpopularity with Sanders' Supporters

Are Bernie Sanders supporters' on a witch-hunt?

Are Bernie Sanders' supporters on a witch hunt? A new cartoon in Politico seems to suggest so.

The cartoon by Matt Wuerker depicts Hillary Clinton being burned at the stake while a crowd of enraged zealots shout "Witch!" and relish in her demise. What may otherwise have been an attack on Republicans was actually an attack on Bernie Sanders supporters. Cartoon below:

This cartoon best illustrates the current feud brewing in the Democratic party between establishment and base, and has been the subject of numerous articles on various left-wing publications. The more level-headed Democrats recognize Bernie's complete detachment from reality while the increasingly extreme base wants Socialism, and they want it now. Like all vanguards of the post-revolution, the time for their pupils to purge them may have come. Sorry, Ben Shapiro, Hillary may need that bucket of water after all.