Politicartoon: Illegal Immigrant Children Obama's Human Shields

Political cartoonist Michael Ramirez gets straight to the point in this one

Political cartoonist Michael Ramirez's latest work provides a blistering commentary on President Obama's use of illegal immigrant children as a prop for amnesty. 

As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reminded the world on a weekly basis, the terrorist organization Hamas routinely uses Palestinian children as human shields during its rocket attacks on Jerusalem -- using school houses, homes, and hospitals as firing locations or weapons storage. Their intent, as Netanyahu said Sunday on CNN, is "to pile up more and more dead bodies of Palestinian civilians."

This makes Ramirez's cartoon all the more eye-raising as he depicts a Hamas member holding up a child alongside President Obama, who is holding up a child with a shirt reading "amnesty." The title says, "Human shields."

H/T WesternJournalism.com