Police Confirm: We Were Barred from Appearing in Uniform on DNC Convention Floor

“It’s because the Democratic Party delegates... hate the police."

Yesterday morning on Fox News, former Mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani told the audience that police officers were not allowed on the convention floor in uniform. 

“Philadelphia police officers are not in the convention hall. They’re not allowed in uniform,” said Giuliani.

“I would say it’s because the Democratic Party delegates are anti-police, anti-law enforcement. They hate the police. Republicans are not embarrassed by police officers,” Giuliani said.

The New York Post spoke to three police officers that confirmed Giuliani's statements.

The Post interviewed three police officers who confirmed they were ordered to steer clear of the convention floor during the proceedings while wearing their uniforms.

The Philadelphia Police Department said officers “have worked in conjunction with the Secret Service throughout this event, which includes the interior portion of the venue as well as the exterior portion.”

The DNC featured one police officer, Pittsburgh police Chief Cameron McLay, to speak about policing and community relations. He has come under fire from his fellow officers for participating in a political event.

“Anyone who believes in any way, shape or form that the DNC is not a political campaign is an idiot,” he said, referring to a provision in the municipal code that prohibits campaigning by police in uniform: “No officer or employee of the Department of Police shall campaign for a candidate for any office or for a ballot issue while on duty, while wearing a uniform or while on City property. Nor may he/​she identify himself/​herself as an employee of the Department of Police.”

McLay denied his speech was "campaigning" but admitted his speech was reviewed by professional speech writers.

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