Planned School Massacre Thwarted by Concerned Citizen

Minnesota woman tips off police to suspicious activity, police arrest teenager plotting a school massacre

A Minnesota teenager who for months had been planning a massacre against Waseca Junior/Senior High School has been arrested after a concerned citizen notified police when the 17-year-old boy walked through her back yard towards a storage unit complex.

According to the Star Tribune, Chelsie Schellhas was washing dishes Tuesday evening when she noticed John LaDue, who was wearing a backpack and carrying a fast food bag, cut through her backyard and make his way over to a storage locker. She stated that it seemed "odd" for him to be going there by foot and taking a short cut through her yard. She also noticed that it took him a long time to open the door. And when the door was finally opened, she could see trash scattered through the unit. It was then that Schellhas called police.

The report states that three officers arrived at the storage facility at 7:24 PM and found LaDue inside the unit surrounded by ammo boxes, a scale, a pressure cooker and bomb-making materials. He was arrested and taken to the police station.

It was there that LaDue admitted his nine month-long plan he had detailed in a notebook: kill his parents and sister, start a fire in a nearby countryside to keep police and firefighters busy, head to his school and set off pressure cooker bombs, shoot the school liaison officer and go on a shooting rampage against students and staff until stopped dead by a SWAT team.

According to the report, seven firearms and three completed bombs were found in the LaDue's bedroom. Three more bombs, chemicals and 60 pounds of metal ball bearings were found in his storage unit. LaDue also admitted to making the bombs that were found on the grounds of an elementary school earlier this year.

A CNN report reveals that LaDue's plans were intended to be carried out on April 20, the anniversary of Columbine, but was abandoned because it fell on Easter Sunday.

Currently, LaDue awaits a May 12 court appearance while being held at a secure juvenile center.