Planet Fitness Revokes Membership After Transgender Complaint Violated 'Judgment Free Zone' Policy

"No judgment" gym makes judment, kicks out concerned member

A female member at a Midland, Mich., Planet Fitness had her membership revoked after complaining that she saw a man inside the women's locker room. She was told that he is allowed in there because he is transgender and identifies as a woman. When she took her complaint to the corporate offices, she was told she had violated the company's trademarked "Judgment Free Zone" policy and her membership was canceled. 

Yvette Cormier told WNEM that she was "stunned and shocked" when she saw a man walk into the women's locker room as she was getting undressed.

"He looked like a man. He did not look like a woman," Cormier said. "This is very unprofessional. This is very scary," she added.

After complaining to the front desk, Cormier was told that the other member was allowed in the locker room "because that's the sex he wants to be." Cormier explained that she understands that people can "identify" as their opposite gender, but said she was "caught off guard" because he clearly looked like a man.

Cormier also said that she is upset because Planet Fitness failed to notify her of this potential scenario and now wants other women to know before they decide to join. The company told WNEM that Cormier's complaint was "inappropriate and disruptive."

A local transgender professor, Char Davenport, spoke to the news outlet and said Cormier's reaction was not a surprise and applauded how Planet Fitness handled the situation. Davenport did suggest that providing private showers and unisex facilities would "go a long way" in order to avoid similar situations in the future. Davenport feels that it would be wrong for Planet Fitness to have to notify its customers of transgender members because it "could be construed as negative."

A gym in nearby Flint, MI -- Peak Fitness -- reached out to Cormier and offered her a free one-year membership with training after the owners heard her story.

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