Pink Floyd Star Calls for Boycott of 'Brutal, Oppressive' Israel, 'Right-Wing Rabbinate,' and 'Jewish Lobby'

"The Jewish lobby is extraordinary powerful here and particularly in the industry that I work in, the music industry..."

Only days after former Pink Floyd star Roger Waters defended using an anti-Semitic prop in his concerts (a giant inflatable pig wearing a Star of David), CounterPunch magazine published an interview with the aging rockstar in which he called for action against what he described as the Nazi-like actions of Israel, the "right-wing rabbinate," and “the Jewish lobby.”  

Waters began the interview with a discussion of his most recent tour, why he gets political, and his next album. Then he channeled The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and launched into his racist attack, calling Israel an apartheid state who practices ethnic cleansing which needs to be boycotted:

I would not have played for the Vichy government in occupied France in the Second World War, I would not have played in Berlin either during this time. Many people did, back in the day. There were many people that pretended that the oppression of the Jews was not going on. From 1933 until 1946. So this is not a new scenario. Except that this time it’s the Palestinian People being murdered. It’s the duty of every thinking human being to ask: “What can I do?”. Anybody who looks at the situation will see that if you choose not to take up arms to fight your oppressor, the non violent route, and the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (B.D.S) movement, which started in Palestine with 100% support from Palestinian civil society in 2004-2005, a movement that has now been joined by many people around the world, the global civil society, is a legitimate form of resistance to this brutal and oppressive regime.

He continues by ranting against "the right-wing rabbinate:"

The voice, for instance, of the right- wing rabbinate, which is so bizarre and hard to hear that you can hardly believe that it’s real. They believe some very weird stuff you know, they believe that everybody that is not a Jew is only on earth to serve them and they believe that the Indigenous people of the region that they kicked off the land in 1948 and have continued to kick off the land ever since are sub-human. The parallels with what went on in the 30’s in Germany are so crushingly obvious that it doesn’t surprise me that the movement that both you and I are involved in is growing every day. 

Then of course he talks about the Jews controlling the media:

Well, where I live, in the USA, I think, A: they are frightened and B: I think the propaganda machine that starts in Israeli schools and that continues through all the Netanyahu’s bluster is poured all over the United States, not just Fox but also CNN and in fact in all the mainstream media. It’s like a huge bucket of crap that they are pouring into the mouth of a gullible public in my view, when they say “we are afraid of Iran, it is going to get nuclear weapons…”. It’s a diversionary tactic. 

Apparently the Jews control the music industry also:

The Jewish lobby is extraordinary powerful here and particularly in the industry that I work in, the music industry and in rock’n roll as they say. I promise you, naming no names, I’ve spoken to people who are terrified that if they stand shoulder to shoulder with me they are going to get fucked.