Physicist Predicts Global Cooling, Warming Alarmists Want Research ‘Silenced’

Nothing shall challenge the narrative.

Global warming alarmists resist any science that doesn’t toe their line, and one physicist in the UK is speaking out about how her research on global cooling is ruffling their feathers.

Northumbria University at Newcastle Professor Valentina Zharkova has been researching what she believes are indicators of a coming period of global cooling. According to The Washington Times, her research, “Irregular heartbeat of the Sun driven by double dynamo” was presented in July at the National Astronomy Meeting in Llandudno, Wales and also posted to the website of The Royal Astronomical Society:

Her sunspot modeling indicates a reduced solar magnetic field from 2020 to 2053, producing conditions similar to those during the Maunder Minimum, or “Little Ice Age,” a 65-year period of reduced solar activity and low global temperatures during the 17th century.

“We didn’t have many measurements in the Southern hemisphere, we don’t know what will happen with that, but in the Northern hemisphere, we know it’s very well protocoled,” Ms. Zharkova said. “The rivers are frozen. There are no winters and no summers, and so on.”

But in an interview with the Global Warming Policy Forum, Zharkova said some scientists at the astronomy meeting wanted her research silenced:

“Some of them were welcoming and discussing. But some of them were quite, I would say, pushy. They were trying to actually silence us. Some of them contacted the Royal Astronomical Society demanding behind our back that they withdraw our press release.”

Thankfully, the society told the naysayers they support the research and advised them to take their objections up with her. The professor said she tried to suggest working together and combining their research, but they said they weren't interested.