PBS Anchor Mocks Netanyahu After Dems Secure Obama's Iran Deal

Resign, you partisan hack.

Gwen Ifill, news anchor on the taxpayer-funded PBS’s Washington Week and PBS Newshour, flouted her media bias on Twitter today when she mocked Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after Dems secured enough votes to pass Obama's deal that paves the way for a nuclear Iran.

Gateway Pundit reported that Ifill retweeted an illustration from the Obama administration’s @TheIranDeal Twitter account that itself ridiculed the ‘nuclear bomb’graphic Netanyahu used in a plea to the United Nations to reject the deal. Ifill commented on the tweet, "Take that, Bibi."





Two hours later, after fielding Twitter outrage and posting two intervening responses that stood by her mockery, Ifill tried to backtrack and claim that she was just sharing the Obama administration’s ‘argument,’ not hers.

"Take that, Bibi"? Seriously? Resign, you partisan hack.