Paula Jones: Truth on Bill's Women Would Destroy Hillary

Only some women to be believed.

Paula Jones is back, on International Women's Day no less, to warn that if the truth about Bill Clinton's many women came out it would destroy Hillary's political career. Jones has joined Juanita Broderick in coming forward to say that none of the women who have claimed that Clinton raped, harassed, or abused them has ever been believed or contacted by Hillary despite her claims that all women need to be believed.

Jones made the comments to radio host Aaron Klein of Breitbart:

But she never has come to any of these women to see if her husband did what he did to them. And you know she don’t want to. Because she knows it’s true. But why wouldn’t she do that? If she was a woman who’s as out there, oh, to support all women and all women have a right to be heard. And she has the nerve to run for the presidency of the United States and run for all women and to be for all women.

What about us woman that her husband has abused in some way or another. She has not tried at all to go and get to the bottom of it and just see, heck, we may all be lying. You know what I’m saying? She don’t want to go see if we are even lying. She don’t even give an opportunity to talk to us women to see. Because if she did she knows the truth would come out and it would destroy her political career.

Jones sued Bill Clinton for sexual harassment in 1994 claiming that three years earlier, while Clinton was governor of Arkansas, he exposed himself to her and propositioned her. Jones is one of many women who have made claims against Bill Clinton. Despite Hillary's campaign promise that all women need to be believed, it does not appear to include those accusing her husband.

You can listen to the interview here.