Patricia Heaton: 'Every Scientist Ever' Knows Life Begins at Conception

"Everything Meryl Streep despises"

Following Meryl Streep's smug condescension of middle-America at Sunday night's Golden Globe Awards, at least one celebrity – Patricia Heaton of Everybody Loves Raymond – stepped up to show they're not all leftists marching to the drumbeat of cultural suicide. 

Heaton, an outspoken pro-lifer, promoted the upcoming One Life LA on her Twitter account over the weekend and spoke some much need truth that actress Meryl Streep and her Planned Parenthood-loving band of merry Hollywood cohorts either refuses to hear or flatly rejects.

The former sitcom star was also a featured speaker at One Life LA in 2015, and frequently tweets about pro-life issues. She also stood with Little Sisters of the Poor in their battle against the Obamacare contraception mandate and has donated to pro-life pregnancy centers.

In other words, Heaton is everything Meryl Streep despises, and for that, we applaud her.