Palin: Being a Grandma Might Change Hillary's Mind on Abortion

“It’s a real baby! It’s not some disposable something…”

Former Governor and Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin appeared on EXTRA with Mario Lopez to promote her new reality TV show "Amazing America."  

Lopez probed Palin on some of the major news stories of the past few days, including last week's announcement that Chelsea Clinton is expecting a child. Lopez wanted to know if it might make Hillary more electable. Palin had an interesting take on the story including how it might affect Hillary Clinton's views on on the world including debt and the world that Hillary will leave for her grandchild.

Being a grandmother will "broaden her worldview," Palin said and suggested that this new, broader worldview might make the former Senator re-think her firmly-held abortion views.  

“It’s a real baby! It’s not some disposable something… they’re in this position now as a parent or grandparent, they realize that sanctity of life, how innocent, how precious it is, and of all places, it should be in the womb that these babies are protected, so maybe even on a social issue like that, she’ll open her eyes.”

For his part, Lopez neglected to point out that Hillary, herself, had a child in her womb once. That would be the aforementioned Chelsea. And carrying that child to term did nothing to modify the fiercely pro-abortion Clinton.