Over Half of Anti-Trump Supporters Arrested Didn’t Even Vote

And that’s just the ones in Oregon!

The news out of Portland, Oregon is painting a predictable picture of anti-Donald Trump demonstrators: half of them didn’t even vote!

According to KGW, over half of the 112 protesters arrested over the weekend, at least 69 of them, didn’t vote or weren’t registered to vote in the state. Comparing the names to state voter logs, 34 protesters didn’t return a ballot on November 8 and 35 weren’t registered in Oregon. Only 25 of the arrested protesters actually voted in the state. The voting records for the remaining 17 haven’t been verified.

And that’s just the breakdown of those who were arrested, not the ones who weren’t. Also, this is just one state. If these numbers were to hold true elsewhere, half of the people screaming “not my president” in the streets across America have no reason to complain since they opted out of the election process. But, hey, anything for a George Soros-signed check, right?

A postscript to the KGW story was also concerning:

One woman who was arrested told KGW she recently moved to Washington and did vote in Washington. She was also registered to vote in Oregon. 

Ah, two-for-one voting in the Northwest. It’s a great time to be a Democrat. So many benefits.