Outrageous: MSNBC Host Calls Sarah Palin 'Treasonous'

Do not criticize Dear Leader.

On MSNBC's The Ed Show on Wednesday, guest host Michael Eric Dyson took the network's reputation for water-carrying to a whole new level when he suggested that it was "treasonous" of Sarah Palin to call for the President's impeachment.

Anyone interested in a border visit is interested in pumping the brakes. The President is acutely aware of the dire situation facing the children and their families crossing into the United States, as evidenced by his tireless effort to help them. The President's push towards positive and crucial change was met with treasonous accusations.

After the preposterous and offensive statement, Dyson plays clips of Sarah Palin talking about impeachment, and the reasons for which she believes the President should be impeached. That is all of, and the only thing she said. It is that which the host outrageously referred to as "treason."

Newsbusters points out an even further absurdity. Dyson himself signed a petition demanding President Bush be "driven from office" for being "murderous", encouraging "bigotry", and of course, for totally being Hitler! Apparently it was OK back then. Because Bush.

But now we have President Obama, and calling him a liar or suggesting the perfectly legal process of impeachment is now treason. It's funny, one can't help but wonder how Hitler would feel about making it illegal to criticize a leader. Right, Professor Dyson?