Outrage: Melissa Harris-Perry Used Racist, Derogatory Term On Air

It's time for Harris-Perry to call for her own suspension.

Just weeks before calling the term "Obamacare" a racist and hateful word conceived by "wealthy white men," designed to elevate themselves "above and apart from a black man" and to "shame and divide and degrade," MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry employed the same racist and derogatory word herself on her own show.

Not only did Harris-Perry use the full racist, demeaning word, rather than what presumably she would find the politically correct "O-word," her use of the term seemed unforced, even casual. 

Let me ask, then, you brought up Kasich. Will there be a fight around Obamacare and particularly the Medicaid expansion of it between the Republican governors who made a decision to expand and those who didn't? Some of them are going to end up on a primary stage.

By her own definition, it looks like it's time for Melissa Harris-Perry to call for her own suspension from MSNBC for hate speech. Be brave, Melissa, and remember, TruthRevolt will support you in removing another reckless and hate-filled host from that esteemed news network.