O'Reilly: 'We Are Being Actively Misled and Exploited'

"It is long past time for We the People to wise up."

On yesterday's Talking Points Memo, Bill O'Reilly concluded his coverage of the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 jetliner story on the O'Reilly Factor by sharply criticizing media malpractice and pointing out that he had correctly predicted what had happened to the aircraft a week ago.

After summing up recent developments, he said that, "On the journalistic front, the coverage remains scandalous. The media misled you. It exploited the airliner story to manipulate viewership. It allowed charlatans to put forth preposterous theories, and that denigrated the entire journalism industry.”

O'Reilly suggested that the media malfeasance in the case of Flight 370 was part of a larger problem with the press. "On some very important matters, we are simply not being told the truth by the national press."

"It is long past time for We the People to wise up," he said, adding, "we are being actively misled and exploited in the process.”