O'Reilly: Obama's Grievance Industry is a New Vietnam

"And the bad guys are white males"

On yesterday's Talking Points Memo, Bill O'Reilly discussed the damage that the grievance industry is doing to America.

O'Reilly compared the divisive power of the grievance industry to the nationally disruptive protests against the Vietnam War, describing it as a movement that says that, "America is not a fair nation. That the deck is stacked against minorities, women, the poor, atheists, Muslims, you name it. And the bad guys are white males, the Republican Party and anybody who doesn't buy into the grievance industry."

He added that Obama and the Democratic Party very effectively used the grievance industry to assume and maintain power.

"Race hustlers, ideological fanatics and other folks who do harm are given power on TV networks and in the political arena. And these folks are ruthless. If you go up against them, then the pushback will be intense and the liberal media will be on their side."

O'Reilly linked the violence at the University of California, Santa Barbara party and the Dartmouth "Freedom Budget" occupation to the negative values promoted by the grievance industry.

“Expect to see more of this kind of madness in the future," he said.