O'Reilly: Obama Lied to Americans About Border Security

"The Obama administration said for years that the border was secure."

On the Talking Points Memo, Bill O'Reilly questioned the intense ideological polarization of Obama's America.

"We are living in a time of intense ideology, which sometimes fogs up dangerous situations," he said.

Bill O'Reilly blamed the liberal media for aiding and abetting the "demonization of opposition" creating a crisis of freedom in the country.

Addressing the border crisis, O'Reilly said that, "Some on the left, believe that the U.S.A. should accept all so-called refugees. And if you oppose that philosophy, you are inhumane, uncaring, unchristian and so on."

"Americans who believe that companies should not pay for abortion-inducing medications are practicing gender bigotry... If you believe traditional marriage should have a special place, you are a homophobe," he said. "And in some cases, if you criticize President Obama's policies, you are a racial bigot."

The politicization of everything had also created endless acrimony by making dialogue between political opponents all but impossible.

"No longer are opposing points of view respected, and the left is driving this terrible train," O'Reilly said. "That's why there is so much anger in America; the issues have become very personal."

Turning back to Obama's policy failures in Iraq and the Mexican border, he said that the White House had lost control and was covering up its incompetence by demonizing the opposition.

"America is now being threatened by terrorists once again and the terrorists believe they are winning," Bill O'Reilly said. "The Southern border is a sieve. Mexico is facilitating hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens coming into this country."

"The Obama administration said for years that the border was secure. That was the backbone of the proposed immigration reform, but it is not true and never has been true. The public was sold a lie."

"Right now, the president should degrade the ISIS army by using American air power and should move the National Guard to the southern border to stop the madness down there," he concluded.