O'Reilly: Communism Comes to the Harvard Crimson

"Harvard University is about as left wing as it gets..."

On Tuesday's "Talking Points Memo," Bill O'Reilly took on Harvard student Sandra Korn and the left's culture war on free speech.

Korn, an Occupy Harvard organizer, had made headlines by calling for an end to academic freedom in the pages of the Harvard Crimson, writing, "If we give up our obsessive reliance on the doctrine of academic freedom, we can consider more thoughtfully what is just."

O'Reilly responded that Korn wants "justice" and that "that justice would be imposed by Sandra Korn, who apparently knows all."

Harvard University is about as left wing as it gets... but overwhelming numbers are not enough for Sandra Korn... She wants a shutdown of any opposing points of view. And so do many others on the far left.

O'Reilly then linked Korn's agenda to the agenda of the left and the suppression of any conservative criticism with smear campaigns.

If you criticize people of color, including the President, you're a racist. Call for a stronger border with Mexico you're anti-Hispanic. You oppose gay marriage, you are a homophobe.

"Communism wipes out all free expression," O'Reilly reminded viewers. "That's their doctrine. And now we see the uber-left in America trying to impose the same gag order."