O'Reilly: Business vs. Nanny State in November

"The economy is the big dog."

On Wednesday's "Talking Points Memo," Bill O'Reilly felt the political pulse of America by examining the results of a new Gallup poll asking Americans what they were worried about.

O'Reilly concluded that the results, which ranked economic issues ahead of security and well ahead of Global Warming, testified to the continued presence of economic insecurity in the United States.

The Gallup poll found that while 88 percent were concerned about the economy and only 11 percent claimed to be unconcerned, 51 percent stated they were unconcerned about Global Warming while 49 percent expressed concern.

"Money issues dominate, security is second and theoretical situations, like climate change, are way down the list,” O'Reilly said. "The economy is the big dog."

The United States was weakening, he argued, because of a lack of job growth in the private sector, and the upcoming election offered Americans a chance to determine the direction of the country.

The 2014 election cycle would reveal whether Americans want to return to "a robust private business climate or stay with the big government nanny state philosophy."

"That is what's at stake," he concluded.