O'Reilly: Benghazi Lies Must Be Exposed

"Benghazi is a big story whether the left wants to admit it or not."

Bill O'Reilly once again talked about Benghazi in his Talking Points Memo, replaying his Obama interview in preparation for former CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell's appearance at the Benghazi hearing. He began by conceding that many Americans were tired of hearing about Benghazi, but argued that uncovering the reason for the deception was vitally important.

"Morell was second to CIA Director David Petraeus and apparently an agency memo issued shortly after the terror attack implicates him as a liar," Bill O'Reilly said, discussing the memo, which apparently admitted that there had been an attack, rather than a protest.

O'Reilly suggested that there were political reasons for a possible cover-up in Benghazi. "Obama was running for re-election when the terrorists hit Benghazi and his campaign was touting his effective policies on terrorism. If the Obama administration lied, that's an abuse of power. If the CIA cooperated in the lie, that's an abuse of power. As we all know from Watergate, abuses of power can lead to very bad things."

"Benghazi is a big story whether the left wants to admit it or not," he concluded.