O'Reilly: Americans Angry Over Obama's Failures

"Mass chaos, a humanitarian disaster, and anger."

Commenting on a popular protest in which residents of Murrieta, California blocked buses filled with illegal aliens, Bill O'Reilly said that the ultimate blame for the confrontation lay with Obama.

"Mr. Obama knew for years that the border was not secure and that human smugglers were developing an industry to bring tens of thousands of foreign nationals into the USA illegally aided by the country of Mexico," O'Reilly opined.

"That is a corrupt and appalling situation that Mr. Obama should have dealt with years ago. He did not. So, now, we have mass chaos, a humanitarian disaster, and anger that may erupt into violence."

Citing the Quinnipiac poll in which the majority ranked Obama as the worst president since World War II and expressed a belief that the country would have been better off with Mitt Romney, O'Reilly said that the poll showed Americans had lost faith in Obama's policies.

"That poll is a disaster for Mr. Obama," O'Reilly said. "On every single major issue, the president has not shown leadership, every one. There is not one issue where he comes positive rather than negative."

"Folks know what's going on and they don't like it."

"The federal government has an obligation to enforce the law and protect the borders of the country. And for decades they have not fulfilled that obligation. The result: a growing animosity among the folks," O'Reilly concluded.