Oregon Militia Mocked: 'Whitest Privilege,' 'Vanilla ISIS,' 'Al-Shabubba'

"…undereducated terrorist buffoons" cries Montel Williams.

A group of self-proclaimed patriot militia men are protesting big government in Oregon and liberals hate them for it. What bothers them most is that the men are white and armed.

It began in December when several militia groups were summoned by Ammon Bundy to occupy the federally sanctioned Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters in Oregon. Bundy is the son of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, who sent a rallying cry to militia members back in early 2014 to help defend the family's land and resources from tyrannous threats by the federal government.

The Burns, Oregon protest, which reached its apex over the weekend, is an extension of the same, as well as a resistance to prosecution brought against two ranchers, Dwight Hammond, 73, and son Steven, 46, for setting fires on federal lands in the early 2000s to keep invasive vegetation out of their property and to help protect it from wildfires. 

But because the group consists of mostly white men in cowboy hats carrying firearms, liberals are incensed at the show of "white privilege" and are eager to deem the whole thing terrorism.

A columnist for The Huffington Post whined that this standoff "is a bunch of racist bulls***" and nothing less than "the whitest privilege." Nicholas Pierce can't understand why this isn't considered worse than the violent "Black Lives Matter" protests:

I'll be unequivocal -- when protesters in Ferguson challenged government authority and abuse, you labeled them thugs. Guess what, it's 2016, you bunch of g**d*** yokels -- you don't get to smash government property and point guns at law enforcement just because you're white.

That's not race baiting. That's how the law works.

Twitter social justice warriors quickly jumped aboard the #OregonUnderAttack train, furthering the mockery of Americans who want to check the power of the federal government and remind others that this a a government by "We the People," not them the government, as promised in the Constitution. Hoping to dub the group "redneck terrorists," new hashtags were applied:

#YeeHawd (like, jihad)

TV-talker Montel Williams chimed in over the weekend, saying he is "totally fine" with killing the militia men:

But up to this point, no one has been hurt, killed, or maimed at the small, empty outpost building in the middle of a national park, nor has any nearby store been looted or burnt to the ground. But that doesn't matter to the Left: this "white redneck terrorism" is a threat and must be eradicated.

By the way, this is the über-violent Ammon Bundy rallying support for an angry mob to descend into the wintry countryside:



Meanwhile in Washington, D.C…




H/T Legal Insurrection, The Blaze