Oops! Toy Jet Fighter's Sound Effect is Islamic Prayer

Christmas shoppers complain: "The toy is dirty as well."

There must've been a mixup at the factory, or else Santa Claus has converted to another religion, because one children's toy fighter jet arrived at several homes for Christmas sans fighter jet noises. Instead, the desert camo F-16 arrived sounding more like a morning call to prayer in Afghanistan.

The toy plane is made in China and is sold by WolVol on Amazon.com. The four-star-rated company blames the manufacturer for sending out a "bad batch," according to NBC-affiliate KING 5 in Washington.

Nadeem Israr, president of the Islamic Society of Whatcom County where one of the faulty toy jets was gifted to a 3-year-old, listened to the sound effect and recognized it as the Islamic prayer during a Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca:

This is a prayer you're supposed to say when you're performing Hajj. 

The sound of the plane is featured in this KING 5 report:



The toy is listed as "currently unavailable" at Amazon, but several reviews indicate multiple instances of the Muslim malfunction:

Some of them turned humorous and obviously faked:

(The last one written by Rusty Shackleford from fellow conservative/anti-Islamic terrorism outlet The Jawa Report.)

Alas, a review voted by customers as the "most helpful" includes a video of what the jet is supposed to sound like. Watch/listen here.

So all in all, it looks and sounds like a pretty cool toy for a youngster. And at least this time when planes were on American soil chanting something in Arabic, it was just a toy.