Oops! Germany Can't Account for 600,000 'Asylum Seekers'

And the country was using its patented "EASY" system. God help America.

No one in Germany knows the whereabouts of 600,000 of the one million refugees who were allowed to enter the country -- and that's with the its patented "EASY" system, according to Daily Mail.

Perhaps the system, translated as Initial Allocation System for Asylum Seekers, is just too easy; only requiring the applicants to provide little more than their country of origin. 

Several explanations have been given as to why half of the 1.1 million refugees can't be located. A German Interior Ministry spokesperson said it may just be that all of the applications haven't been processed yet. Or, he said, it could be that many refugees left Germany and are already in a different country.

The only other option is double applications: asylum seekers registering multiple times as a way to end up in their preferred city.

Here is what Germany knows about the other 476,649 refugees that have been accounted for: 326,529 are men and 150,120 are women.

Germany also learned, unfortunately, the type of activities many of those men enjoy once free to move about the country: molesting and raping German women as they did on New Year's Eve in several cities.

None of this information is comforting, especially in light of the Obama administration's propensity to drop the ball on foreign matters and its push to welcome the next wave of "asylum seekers" into America.