In One 2-Minute Monologue, George Will Destroys WH's Dire Warnings on 'Climate Disruption'

"Now, try that phrase, 'the last word on microbiology, quantum mechanics, physics, chemistry.' Since when does science come to the end?"

Few conservative pundits are as good as George Will at boiling down complicated issues into a brief and devastating argument. Will did just that Tuesday night on Fox News' Special Report with Bret Baier when the "All-Star Panel" took on the "Climate Disruption" propaganda pushed by the Obama Administration earlier in the afternoon.

Will: There is however no evidence for the increase of extreme weather. I own a home on an island in South Carolina looking south in the direction of hurricanes, and after Katrina, I was really interested when they said, “This is a harbinger of increased hurricane activity,” which since then has plummeted. Now, Mr. Holdren who introduced this report has his own record of very interesting failed forecasts, not to mention Al Gore who, in 2008, said that by 2013 — for those of you keeping score at home, that’s last year — the ice cap in the North Pole would be gone. It’s not. Now, there is, as Charles says, the policy question is how much wealth do we want to spend, directly or in lost production, in order to have no discernible, measurable effect on the climate. People say, "Well, what about this report?" There is a sociology of science. Scientists are not saints in white laboratory smocks. They’ve got interests like everybody else. If you want a tenured-track position in academia, don’t question the reigning orthodoxy on climate change. If you want money from the biggest source of direct research in this country, the federal government, don’t question its orthodoxy. If you want to get along with your peers, conform to peer pressure. This is what’s happening.

Baier: So you don't buy the 97% of scientists who studied the issue?

Will: Who counted them? Who measured? Where did that figure come from? They pluck these things from the ether. I do not.  The New Yorker magazine, which is impeccably upset about climate change, recently spoke about the report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change as "the last word on climate change." Now, try that phrase, "the last word on microbiology, quantum mechanics, physics, chemistry." Since when does science come to the end? The New Yorker has discovered the end of this, who else has?