Once-Deported Mexican Illegal Alien Murders Five in Missouri

ICE "regrets" that he got back in the country.

Pablo Antonio Serrano-Vitorina was apprehended in rural Missouri early Wednesday morning with a rifle in his possession and is accused of murdering five people across the state. Serrano-Vitorina, 40, was deported 12 years ago by Immigration and Customs Enforcement but back in the country illegally when he committed his crimes. 

According to CBS News, the man shot and killed four people at his neighbor's home in Kansas City before driving 170 miles away to New Florence and killing another man in his home. He was found hiding on a hill near a McDonald's close to Interstate 70. 

ICE is admitting its own mistake that allowed Serrano-Vitorina back into the country. The New York Daily News reported that an ICE spokesman said the suspect was fingerprinted just last September in Kansas City after he was arrested for driving without a license, but they mistakenly sent the retainer to a sheriff's office where he was not in custody. The spokesman added that ICE "regrets the error."

H/T Gateway Pundit