Olympics Drops Several Historic Shooting Events for 2020... Because

The ever-political International Olympic Committee has nixed several historical shooting events for the 2020 Tokyo Games in an effort to be "more youthful, more urban" and to appeal to "more women."

The new "youthful, urban" additions include Basketball 3×3, BMX Freestyle, Sport Climbing and Skateboarding, while traditional sports such as Canoe, Judo, Rowing, Sailing, Shooting and Weightlifting will become "gender-balanced." The IOC announced the changes to the shooting-events roster last Friday.

The blog Guns reports:

The group on Friday announced they agreed with changes proposed by the International Shooting Sports Federation [ISSF], the governing body for Olympic-style shooting, that aims toward a larger goal to boost female participation while appealing to more youth.

The blog noted also that "the shooting events cut are some of the longest running in modern Olympic history":

The 50m Rifle Prone has been a staple of the Olympics since 1912 while the 50m Pistol – commonly called Free Pistol – has been in the games since 1896, in both cases with Americans winning the first gold medal awarded for the events. Men’s Double Trap made its Olympic debut in 1996 with the U.S. picking up gold at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

USA Shooting, the national governing body for the sport of Olympic-style shooting in the U.S., made clear they opposed the move, noting Team USA’s historic success in these events.

“It is important to note that the U.S. Olympic Committee has in no way directed these Olympic shooting program changes,” said David Johnson, interim CEO of USA Shooting in a statement issued previously.

IOC President Thomas Bach said that “The fascinating new events that we approved today, together with the five new sports that were added to the Tokyo 2020 programme last year, represent a step-change in the Olympic programme."​

ISSF President Olegario Vázquez Raña said in a statement, “The IOC encouraged the inclusion of mixed gender team events, and this is the kind of innovation that the ISSF has a proud history of bringing to our sport, like the introduction of finals and electronic scoring.”

Of course, the global elite's preoccupation with eliminating guns couldn't have had anything to do with it.