Olympic Committee Bans U.S. Hockey Player From Displaying 'We the People' On Helmet

IOC Rule 51

On Friday, The Heritage Network reported that U.S women's hockey goalie Jessie Vetter received disheartening news that the International Olympic Committee will not allow her to display the Constitution's opening phrase, "We the People" on her helmet.

Vetter had the mask decorated with 23-karat gold paint by artist Ron Slater, who said in an interview with GOAL Magazine that the IOC wanted it removed “because no writings of any kind to promote the country is allowed.”

The committee cited IOC Rule 51, which bans countries from placing "advertising" and "propaganda" on their athletes equipment, but enforcement of this rule seems arbitrary at best. As it turns out, the Slovakian hockey team has their country's entire national anthem sewn into their stripes. Perhaps the committee believes that IOC Rule 51 only applies to Americans. This certainly isn't the first time a U.S player has come under fire from Rule 51. Just four years ago one athlete was banned from displaying “support our troops” on his mask.