Oklahoma Pro-Gun Legislation Named After Piers Morgan

Piers Pro Gun?

In what might be considered the greatest name for any bill ever to be filed, State Senator Nathan Dahm (R-Tulsa, OK) is trying to boost gun rights in his home state by naming his bill after CNN's Piers Morgan.  The bill (SB 1473), entitled the “Piers Morgan Constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms Without Infringement Act” states that “a person age 18 or older would be able to open carry loaded or unloaded shotguns, rifles and pistols without a license for hunting, target shooting or other such events. It would also be allowed for events related to military or law enforcement functions; for practice or performance for entertainment purposes; or for lawful self-defense purposes.”

In a press release Dahm said,  

The Second Amendment says the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, and yet when we require our citizens to jump through hoops, pay fees and undergo a process that presumes they’re guilty of something until proven otherwise, their rights are being infringed upon.  Senate Bill 1473 simply says Oklahomans can carry firearms in all the places currently allowed by law, but they will no longer be required to obtain a license to do so.

This would not apply to gun-free zones such as schools and government facilities. 

Dahm also said,

Oklahomans will still be able to get a license so they could carry in other states that allow reciprocity. They just won't have to have a license in Oklahoma to carry.

Piers Morgan who has been on the forefront on the anti-gun agenda was obviously not to thrilled about this and even invited Senator Dahm onto his show: