Ohio Police Officer Assassinated, Suspect Was Armed and 'Looking to Kill' Cops

Police officers are now the targeted victims.


An Ohio police officer was murdered Sunday night by a man who was allegedly out and looking to kill an officer.  According to the perpetrator's ex-girlfriend, Herschel Jones III, identified as the suspect in the shooting death Danville police officer Thomas Cottrell, told police that her ex-boyfriend left his home with weapons ready to kill a cop.​ According to the local NBC affiliate

Officer Thomas Cottrell was found dead without his service weapon or cruiser just before midnight, according to the Knox County Sheriff's department. It said dispatchers had received a tip-off from a female caller that Danville cops "were in danger" because her ex-boyfriend Herschel Jones had "left with weapons and was looking to kill an officer." 

Dispatchers tried to reach the officer but were unsuccessful, the sheriff's office added. Sheriff's deputies searched the village of Danville and found Cottrell's body behind a municipal building 27 minutes after the initial call. 

The officer had been shot dead, according to NBC station WCMH. 

Jones was taken into custody following a "foot chase" at around 1:36 a.m. after he was seen "running from a residence," the sheriff's office said.

Catalyzed by the divisiveness fomented by the Obama administration, animus towards police officers has been growing at record-speed. Police officers are now deemed fair game by people of ill-will and are targeted for execution. Given that President Obama has been deafeningly silent in the wake of previous officer assassinations around the country, we are certain he will not offer any words of solace or support for our police force now.