Offensive? Here Are Some Registered Trademarks Still In Good Standing You Won't Believe

No, one of them is not "Upworthy"

Today, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) canceled the trademark on the Redskins name. The internet and in particular social media have exploded with the news, with folks celebrating this as an achievement in race relations or a condemning it as an example of government and political correctness run amok. But one Twitter user pondered the precedent. What other trademarks could be considered offensive?

Howe, a trademark expert, researched other registered marks to find offensive names. In the course of looking into it, some pretty amazing registered trademarks that are not in dispute were uncovered. This is just a sample.

If you follow the link, you'll be taken to the record for a registered trademark, found at the USPTO website.

Yes, that is a trademark for FAG. FAG is a mark for "technical lubricating oils and greases." Yep. The mark is registered and is not pending cancelation. This is not offensive according to the USPTO.

Stinky Gringo is a type of premixed alcoholic cocktails. It is not, as one might assume, a reference to Alan Grayson. Of course, these are not directly related. How about marks that are along the exact same lines as the team that shall not be named? Are there any marks like that? As you might imagine, there are.

RedMan is a mark registered for chewing tobacco. It is a national brand, and the mark, for from being canceled, has been renewed. And another mark, Redd Man, is pending.

But it gets better.

That's right, the Washington Redskins are not the only Redskins in the USPTO database. Here are some registered Redskins trademarks:

Registered Redskins Trademarks

Now, some might think that looking up such things makes one a  ,  but the truth is you . So .

The USPTO has many offensive registered trademarks. And the team that shall not be named once had theirs registered, too. But they don't any more. It might lead some to call the USPTO, well ...