Oberlin College Convicts Male Students of Sex Assault in Every Single Case

A new lawsuit says the process is rigged.

If a male student is accused of sexual assault on the campus of Oberlin College in Ohio, he will be convicted 100% of the time on at least one of the charges. Now a lawsuit has been leveled against the school by an expelled student who claims the entire process is rigged and “fundamentally biased against males,” notes Legal Insurrection.

The male student, only known as John Doe, filed the suit back in June. Legal Insurrection covers it in detail here. We will look at the main points.

Doe and a female companion, Jane Roe, had a consensual sexual encounter in the early morning hours of February 28, 2015. According to the complaint, the two set up the rendezvous via text messages. During intercourse, Roe asked Doe to stop because she felt discomfort. He asked her, instead, to perform oral sex, which she did. Just before she agreed to the second sex act, Roe indicated to Doe that she was “not sober.”

After the encounter, the two made small talk on the bed before Roe got dressed and went to a female friend’s dorm room. There she told the friend she had sex with Doe but didn’t say she was assaulted in any way. She did express regret that she hooked up with Doe (they had sex on other occasions, as well). The friend also noted that Roe did not seem intoxicated on the morning in question.

However, Roe eventually began to “increase the severity of her allegations” and began to “feel” that she was “too intoxicated to consent.” Oberlin’s court ruled that the intercourse was consensual, but believed that changed when she mentioned her insobriety before the oral copulation. Roe never said Doe used force to push her head down until it was her turn to speak at the hearing. She suddenly added that missing detail then. 

After receiving all of the information, the panel concluded that Roe was too drunk to consent and “wasn’t in control of herself.” Therefore, Doe forced her to perform a sex act against her will. He was expelled from the school in October 2016 for sexual assault. 

Doe’s lawsuit is bolstered by the fact that Oberlin has a 100% conviction rate in every case of alleged sexual assault:

Jane Roe was a female student accusing a male student of sexual assault at Oberlin College. And Oberlin’s regime for investigating and adjudicating claims of sexual misconduct is rife with gender bias. In the words of Meredith Raimondo, one of the Policy’s architects and its chief implementer, it was designed to be a “survivor-centered process” and is inspired by her views on feminism. Its goal, she has said, is to eliminate “rape culture…”

According to its Spring 2016 Campus Climate Report, it had found every single sexual assault respondent who went through its formal resolution process during that academic year responsible on at least one charge.

Oberlin’s report states that 70% of the males accused of sexual assault on campus were found guilty by the Title IX Team on every charge, while the rest were found guilty of at least some, but not all, of the charges.

Oberlin remains confident that the lawsuit will not be successful because even if Doe is completely innocent of the charges, he will be unable to prove that the college discriminated against him because of his gender.

And that’s the lasting power of the Obama Title IX enforcements.