Obama's Refugees Almost Entirely Muslim

Three were Christians. Not 3%. Three total.

When Donald Trump states that it's time to limit Muslim immigration, the media and politicians on both sides of the fence, including President Obama, erupt in indignation and point out that applying a religious test to refugees seeking asylum "is not who we are as Americans." But according to official State Department numbers, 776 Syrian refugees have been admitted into the United States since November -- a whopping three of whom were Christians. Not 3%. Three total. The remainder – 97.8% – are Sunni Muslims.

As Fix This Nation notes, this disparity doesn't even mirror the percentage of Syrian Christians in general. Sunni Muslims make up 74% of the population, while Christians make up 10%.

The Obama administration claims to be adhering to an old rule, writes Fix This Nation,

that says to qualify for refugee status, endangered people must be at risk from a hostile government. So even though there is ample evidence that Syrian Christians are being massacred, they don’t qualify for asylum because the threat comes from groups like ISIS and not from the Assad regime.

Okay, so there’s the political cover. But it’s undermined by Obama’s policy towards refugees fleeing violence in South and Central America. When it comes to these “refugees,” the test is far lower. It’s not even clear that many of the individuals fleeing Honduras and other Latin countries are in danger of losing their lives. In many respects, they are economic refugees, simply migrating to the U.S. for a better life.

This is a State Department, remember, that only last week officially concluded that Christians in the Middle East are facing genocide.