Obamacare Victim Appears On Fox News; Gets IRS Audit

Coincidence or Intimidation?

Earlier this month, cancer patient Bill Elliott was interviewed on Fox News' The Kelly File and described how his health insurance was being canceled due to the new Obamacare regulations.

Now he is being audited by the IRS.

When he was interviewed by Megyn Kelly, Elliot said he was offered a new plan costing $1,500-per-month, versus his old plan that cost $180 per month. At the time, Elliott told Kelly he wasn’t going to pay for the new expensive plan; instead, he was going to take the financial penalty and “let nature take its course.”

This week Elliot was interviewed on Charleston, S.C. radio station WQSC, and said thanks to all of the publicity he received from his Fox appearance, his insurance company worked it out with him to allow him to keep his coverage.

But that wasn't the end of the bad news for Elliott.

“Monday I got a certified letter, I went down and got it and it’s from the IRS and they are auditing my books from 2009.” Elliot didn’t own a business in 2009, and in fact was working for the government at the time. Additionally Elliott said, “due to federal budget cuts,” the meeting between him and the IRS won’t take place until April 2014.

“It doesn’t matter. It could’ve been today if they wanted it to,”  Elliot said after declaring he has never cheated on his taxes.

The radio host said that he couldn't believe the Elliot audit was a coincidence. “No it’s not,” Elliott said.

If it was a coincidence, this other case might be also. C. Steven Tucker, an insurance broker who contacted Elliott after his Fox News appearance and has been writing about the case extensively, said that after he helped assist Elliott with his coverage, the IRS “are now coming after ME all the way back to 2003.”