Obamacare Invades Thanksgiving Airwaves

Feds run an ad during football games featuring the benefits for aging athletes

Thanksgiving in America has long been known as a time for food, family and increasingly, football. The national slate increased a few years ago from two games to three, and advertisers know that, next to the Super Bowl, they will have a hard time finding a captive audience as large as the one gathered around their television for the Thanksgiving NFL games.

Advertisers like Target, Best Buy and other retailers looking to promote their Black Friday wares bombarded the network airwaves Thursday. But this Thanksgiving, they were joined by a startup website looking to brand itself in a more positive light: Healthcare.gov

The ad, which ran in some markets right after the national anthem of the Lions-Packers game on FOX, branded the website not as a national overhaul of the health care system, but instead as a new type of assistance for those nagging sports injuries.

It featured a man in his early thirties who talked about the perils of aging for those who play sports. And offered a way to help get back in the game:

This is your knee. It steps, turns, leaps, lands, spins, cuts to the basket, bends every way you want it to...or not. Oww! Fixing that could cost you big. But not if you have a health plan from the health insurance marketplace. It’s where you can compare plans from brand named companies side by side. And it’s the only place to get lower monthly payments as part of the health care law. Enroll today to take care of that knee. And every other part of you.