Obama Will Skip Nancy Reagan Funeral to Attend... Music Festival

Keeping it classy.

There is no shortage of condemnation for a particular presidential candidate over his so-called vulgar and offensive choice of words, but what of the offensive deeds of the current president?

People, including many on the right, mistakenly credit President Obama as a class act. Even conservative journalist David Brooks lamented in a February opinion piece entitled "I Miss Barack Obama" how the president "radiates an ethos of integrity, humanity, good manners and elegance."

Why? Because he does not use coarse language or make politically incorrect comments?

We are not quite sure how skipping the funeral of former First Lady Nancy Reagan to attend the South by Southwest Film and Music Festival "radiates an ethos of integrity, humanity, and good manners."

The same holds true for the president's decision to skip Chief Justice Antonin Scalia's funeral. The same holds true for his myriad other snubs of dignitaries, heads of state, members of law enforcement and the military, and an array of others both living and deceased. 

While reports indicate that First Lady Michelle Obama and Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton will attend Mrs. Reagan's funeral, and rightly so, that is no excuse for the president's absence. Once again, Obama has made a deliberate choice knowing full well the kind of message he is sending.

While a great American patriot and public servant is being eulogized, Obama will reportedly be at the festival, pandering to tech companies and speaking on their so-called ability to solve the world's woes. 

Of course people will argue that this would not be the first time a former president did not attend an important funeral. For instance, the NY Post was quick to point out that former President George W. Bush allegedly only attended Betty Ford's funeral in 2011 because his wife, Laura, was unable to do so. The report conveniently left out the fact that, at the time, G.W. was no longer even the president, thus had nothing to prove. He still, however, chose to do the right thing. 

Yes, yes, people will also argue that President Obama did offer kinds words of condolence for Nancy Reagan and her family in the wake of her passing, and that that alone should suffice. But we all know "sending a card" is never the same. The president knows that too, and decided to attend a music festival instead.