Obama SNAPS: ‘Everybody Sit Down and Be Quiet!’

He’s had just about enough of not being listened to.

President Obama lost complete control of the crowd gathered at a Hillary Clinton rally on Friday and proceeded to shout them down with orders to get control of themselves.

The pro-Hillary masses turned on an apparently elderly gentleman sitting in the upper deck who was there in support of Donald Trump. It’s not clear from the video if the man was shouting something or holding a sign, but the crowd was incensed and they began shouting, which really perturbed the president. 

“Hold up, hold up,” he repeatedly shouted at the unruly crowd.

“Hey, hey, listen up! Hey!” he screamed in increased intensity as the spotlight was taken away from him.

“I told you to be focused and you’re not focused right now! Listen to what I’m saying!” he continued, pointing an angry finger.

“Everybody sit down and be quiet!”

But nothing worked; the crowd continued booing and shouting at the man. 

When the noise dipped for a moment, Obama informed them that the “older gentlemen” wasn’t doing anything and simply supporting his candidate. “You don’t have to worry about him,” Obama said faking a grin.

“This is what I mean about folks not being focused,” the president whined. 

But the crowd erupted again and Obama issued more angry warnings.

The president defended the man saying they needed to respect his freedom of speech; he appeared to be a veteran and deserves respect there, too, and he’s elderly, so “respect our elders.” And finally, Obama dropped his favorite stump line: “Don’t boo, vote!”

Things are getting very tense in the buildup to Tuesday.

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