Obama Rejects ALS Challenge - Donates Pitiful Amount

Welcome to Cape Cod, Mr. President. I nominate you

The ever “fearless” commander in chief, Barack Obama has rejected his ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and instead is making a mighty contribution of $100.

Ethel Kennedy, the 86-year-old widow of Senator Robert F. Kennedy has challenged Barack Obama to the ALS challenge before dumping the ice water on her own head.

Kennedy said in a video “Welcome to Cape Cod, Mr. President. I nominate you,” seconds before dumping iced water on her own head.



CBS DC reports that the White House told the Boston Globe, “The President appreciates Mrs. Kennedy thinking of him for the challenge – though his contribution to this effort will be monetary.  The President will be making a donation to an ALS charity this week.”

And the amount President Obama will be donating which surely will not be coming from his own pocket.  A mere $100.  Obama who boasts that he is the president for the everyman is sure setting a great example as a leader.