Obama Praises Muslim-Americans, Asks for TV Characters That Aren't Terrorists

"…some of the most resilient and patriotic Americans you'll ever meet."

Wednesday, President Obama visited a mosque for the first time during his presidency. It also probably marked the first time he's ever given a presidential address in his socks.

While at the Baltimore mosque, one accused of having "controversial ties," Obama gave unrelenting support for Muslim-Americans. Not only did he call on non-Muslim-Americans to ponder the many great things brought to this country by Muslims, but also urged fictional Muslim characters to be portrayed as something other than terrorists in film and television. CBS reporter Mark Knoller live-tweeted the event (h/t Twitchy):




The White House posted video of part of Obama's speech:

Some noted subject matter was left out of the president's address, as a couple of Twitter users pointed out:

But hey, at least the Muslim women had their own "special section" to view the president away from the men: