Obama at Obamacare Deadline: 'We're Not Even Close'

"One day, you and I will get to look back on this movement we built together, and we'll measure our success."

On Monday, as the open enrollment period for Obamacare ended, the Democratic National Committee sent out a mass email from Barack Obama acknowledging, “We’re not even close.” The email urged Americans to donate to the Democratic Party in order help elect Democrats to enshrine Obamacare as the top priority for Americans. It also explained that one day, Democrats could “look back on this movement we built together, and we’ll measure our success…But we’re not even close to being done.”

Here is the full text:

Benjamin --

One day, you and I will get to look back on this movement we built together, and we'll measure our success.

When we do that, we'll be proud of all we did. But we're not even close to being done -- and what you do today is going to go a long way toward determining what we're going to be able to do over the next few years.

This is the critical end-of-quarter fundraising deadline for candidates running for office this November. That's important, because the composition of the House and the Senate that we're working to elect right now will determine a big part of what we can get done in the years to come.

Chip in $10 or more before midnight to help elect a Democratic Congress.

I will promise you that I will continue to do everything I can as President of the United States to put forward our values and to ensure our movement helps shape our country's future -- and you can help in a big way.

That starts with electing allies to the House and fighting for our party's seats in the Senate -- and what Democrats have in the bank at midnight tonight will dictate what their campaigns are able to do this year.

Click here to make a critical impact -- at a critical financial moment that will end at midnight tonight. Please give $10 or what you can to help elect lawmakers who will support you and me.

When we look back on what we built, we'll ask ourselves:

Did we never back down from an opportunity to stand with America's middle class? To get our economy back on track? Did we raise voices that speak for women, for young people, and did we treat all Americans -- and aspiring Americans -- with respect? Did we make it easier for Americans to live longer, healthier lives?

The 2014 elections are a big key to that. And Democrats need your help before midnight tonight to win.

Donate $10 or more here:


Thanks for standing with me for so long,

Barack Obama

P.S. -- This is the last day to start an application for health coverage through the Affordable Care Act's exchanges. If you or someone you know needs coverage, take a look at the options on HealthCare.gov.